High Alumina Cement


High Alumina Cement / Calcium Aluminate Cement We offer calcium aluminate cement or as they are better called as high alumina cement. “Global Refractories”calcium aluminate cements are highly regarded in the refractory and construction industry for being consistent and accurate in quality with all chemical and physical parameters. Our high alumina cement is widely used for:

  • As refractory binder for making refractory monolithics like castables and mortars.
  • As calcium aluminate flux in steel plants for fluidizing CaO and also for diluting the overall FeO and MnO levels in the slag.
  • As special fast setting cement for its quick setting properties in various critical construction and marine construction applications.

We make two types of calcium aluminate cement / high alumina cements:
GR-CEM-50: It is conventional refractory cement with about 50% alumina content.
GR-CEM-70: It is high purity calcium aluminate cement with about 70% alumina content and extremely low impurities. It is used for various critical applications.